Tuesday, April 22, 2003

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Again from the Dictionary of Hip Hop Lyrics, a resolution for this week is to use the word butter, as in adj: good, in as many contexts as possible. Or better yet, buttah.

Somebody asked me where I want to go for vacation this summer. The answer: too many places. What I really need is a travelling partner with some preferences so I can narrow this down. At the moment, two ideas have come to the forefront: flying down to Costa Rica and returning in an ad hoc fashion overland, and trekking across western China to visit Dave in Kazhakstan. They're both backpacker trips, I wonder if I'll have to compromise to attract a travel partner. Like, stay in an actual nice hotel. Ugh. The other problem is that I need a friend who is both available for three to four weeks sometime in June/July and is willing to spend up to my estimate for this venture, some two thousand dollars. Prospects are not good. But like I said, I'm open to compromise.

Maybe a trip to Spain. Haven't been back in, oh, nine years. And I only grew up there.


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