Friday, April 18, 2003

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Did I mention I like simple web pages?

Four kids at tutoring tonight - I think all the teachers are behind, and have pushed back tests to after Easter vacation.

I got a haircut today. I had some pictures, should I post them? Aww, heck, it's nothing wild. Plus I stopped by Sports Chalet and picked up a new toothpick for my Swiss Army knife. I don't use the toothpick - never have. But it's been burning a hole in my pocket every since the old one fell out and was lost. Not only that, I wrote up a bunch of thank you letters for the folks who helped me with my grad school apps. I meant to wash the car, too, but the letters took it out of me. And a little procrastination. But that's ok, I got a lot done today. I got this Saturday off from Borders, maybe I'll do it then. There seems to be a pattern: when I ask for a day off, I get the same day off the next week without asking. Evil conspiracy? I don't really mind; like I've said before, if they cut me down to 3 hours per week I wouldn't mind. As long as I've got the discount and book loan priveleges, I'm great.

Priveleges which, I forgot to mention, are running at half speed right now since they arbitrarily started to crack down on people that bring back books late and I got suspended for 30 days. I came this close to quitting over that. Lucky bastards. I suppose I'll last until June. And looking on the bright side, it's giving me a chance to clear out some of the books on the bedside TO READ pile.


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