Friday, September 19, 2003

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Ken Lieberthal and James Lee hosted a brown bag lunch today to share information about China among between profs, staff and students that are specifically researching China-related topics. It was really a lot of people, probably about two dozen. It was supposed to be informal, but with such a large group it's hard to have everyone participate. The topic that I was going to bring up, had I been called on, was put forth by my PS 339 GSI (who was also there): the Chinese government recently lifted the requirement of seeking permission from work units when people get married, divorced, or apply for a passport. Prof Lieberthal said that this reflected the growth of the private sector. I'll post some more notes from the meeting later. Now I'm off to dinner, and then Lieberthal's class at 7 PM.

I have to find out when Asians in American Film and Television meets.


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