Friday, February 04, 2005

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I saw a commercial on TV the other day that speaks to me right now, as I sit in a net cafe way too late at night. I only caught the tail end; this is what I remember:

The scene: hard to say, the screen zoomed in on the bust of a high school aged girl. Curtains behind her, it's hard to say if she's at home or in a net cafe. Her head is lit on one side by what we assume is a computer screen. She is wearing headphones, likely for chatting.

A male voice: "You know, it's about time you got to bed."

The girl turns to face the camera: "Yeah, just a few more minutes."

The same male voice: "Don't you have to go to school tomorrow morning?"

The girl protests again. The screen fades to black. These words appear:


The Internet: It's Not Your Whole Life


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