Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Tonight there was a breakcore performance at The Creek Art Center here in Shanghai. Here's the little review I wrote up for the ShanghaiExpat forums:


First, let me say that the Creek Art Center is an awesome venue. Like Chris said the other day, now that the old Gua'er Music Factory is closed, this is probably the hippest place in Shanghai to catch live music. From what I read on their website and what I saw when I was there, a bunch of Norwegian and Chinese took an old storage warehouse along the Suzhou River and turned all six floors of it into an art exhibit space, restaurant/lecture room/bar, and performance venue. The building is fantastically fixed up: solid, worn brick walls, thick wooden rafter beams, a wooden staircase (there's an elevator too!)... For what they use it for, I really like this place.

About the concert: I guess I don't have the musical background to appreciate break-core. Or maybe, since I'm a working stiff and had to leave "early", I wasn't there when the good acts came on.

I dunno.

At least when a DJ just stands behind a laptop and clicks the mouse, you can dance to the music.

Also, I think it suggests something when the lobby, which was about a fifth the size of the performance hall, had just as many people standing around and chatting as were inside listening to the show.


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