Wednesday, July 13, 2005

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I was walking from the hotel out to Da Guan Rd to catch a taxi to the bus station. At one point, coming towards me were a couple of schoolgirls walking and a small boy, maybe a brother, on his bicycle. On the periphery of my field of hearing, I caught a pretty obvious "Laowai" as they passed me. Since it was loud enough that I would notice it, I glanced over and confirmed that it was the little boy. Because his companions were either too busy talking to pay attention to him or too polite to notice what he said, he virtually yelled at them "LAOWAI!". By then, it was so obvious who he was pointing out that I gave him a big Chesire-cat grin.

At that point, one of the girls stepped over to him and gave him a corrective thwap on the head. That was funny.


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