Friday, July 08, 2005

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I dug up the link to a weblog called Muninn that I remembered from a while ago as being pretty cool (Harvard grad student; are we surprised?). The weblog now goes onto my list of regular reads (among No-sword and S Cozens) because on this random check-up I found two things that resonated with me.

First, the post called "Life First" pretty much sums up my theme for the next few months:

Life first, Ms. Lemon, filing second.

Second, the post called "Ring Derivatives" (yes, that Ring) makes the sententious pronouncement that mixing and matching of ideas is what creating culture is all about. I had previously explored joining the liberals in decrying the "destruction of culture" in places like Tibet (and sometimes that still comes out), but my conviction on the ultimate fairness of things makes me much more comfortable with a position like the one in the quote above.

Oops, there went my sticking to the theme.


At Jul 10, 2005, 12:20:00 AM, Blogger Muninn said:

Thanks for dropping at Muninn, that Poirot quote is great isn't it! Great to remind myself when I need an excuse not to put all my things in order...

Hey and don't expect too much from Harvard grad students! I had to look up the word "sententious"! It turns out there are many back doors to decent grad programs where poor verbal scores and a long history of lousy grades (I graduated bottom of high school class, for example) are overlooked!


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