Monday, September 26, 2005

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I wrote up a couple of posts on Shanghai's new metro lines on Shanghai Expat today. The second was really a masterpiece of research and translation (heh, not really) so I quote it here:

The circular dark purple line is Line 4. A web search turns up a fascinating article about Line 4, Shanghai's loop line. The beginning of the article talks about how the opening will be in two stages, first in a C shaped subsection of the line running north from Pudong and then onto a shared track with Line 3, and then in a completed circle down through Luwan and back into Pudong. Together with Lines 1 and 2, it will form the shape of the character 申, which is part of the alternative name for Shanghai 申城. Pretty cool. The article is here: (Chinese)

The first half of the Line 4 (the C-section, hehe) was projected to be completed by year-end 2005 in this article from May. The entire loop line would be completed by 2007, according to their estimates. The reason that the bottom of the loop will open late is because of an accident that happened back in July of 2003 on the construction of the line. Read about it here: (English)

Never underestimate the slowness of construction workers; word on the street is that Dongfang station will be closing for an entire year.

For Line 2, I turned up a weblog post that mentions a 2007 completion date and 2008 opening date. The post: (Chinese)

I have on my computer an English translation of all the bus lines, but that's a little personal project of mine that may see the light of day sometime... if anybody wants access to the data, let me know. Here's an example: (Chinese) (English)

Hehe, I ♡ Shanghai public transportation.


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The post on my blog might be just some rumor...


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