Monday, April 28, 2008


Actually, this is 盖浇面.

Looked up the word 盖浇饭 this afternoon. Turns out that, like 麻辣烫, 盖浇饭 means something different in Shanghai than it does in other parts of China. According to Baidu-pedia:


In Shanghai it's called gaijiaofan, up north it's called huifan, in Guangdong it's called dietoufan, and in some places it's simply "curry potato on rice", "curry chicken on rice", "mapo tofu on rice", "tomato and egg on rice", "tomato and beef on rice", and so on. Actually, it's all just rice and another dish eaten off of a single plate.

So means to cover, means to drip, and is the rice. And to think that, growing up, my entire concept of Chinese food for all those years was just 盖浇饭-style Chinese take-out. Not until I came to China did I learn that the rice was supposed to be separate, if eaten at all.


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