Thursday, September 18, 2008

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A poll on 开心网, a Chinese Facebook knock-off:

Which Fads Did You Do In 2008 (Choose up to 19)

Bob your hair: 1122 (12%)
Guy and girls all wear vests (not talking about online "alts", also called vests): 1171 (13%)
Wear a scarf in summer: 375 (4%)
Get married: 493 (5%)
Have an "Olympic" baby: 176 (2%)
Watch the Olympic Opening Ceremony: 7402 (80%)
Watch the Olympic Closing Ceremony: 4614 (50%)
Watch the Special Olympics Opening Ceremony: 1623 (18%)
Donate to the earthquake victims: 7889 (85%)
Look at the Edison Chen photo scandal pics: 7561 (82%)
Take advantage of shopping sales season: 1735 (19%)
Go to an SM TOWN concert: 45 (0%)
Go to an Arashi concert: 78 (1%)
Go to an Ayumi Hamasaki concert: 78 (1%)
Go to some other concert: 1388 (15%)
Listen to the Olympic theme song over and over: 1720 (19%)
Register on Kaixinwang: 8653 (94%)
Follow the Chen Shuibian money-laundering story: 2177 (24%)
None of the above...: 108 (1%)
Volunteer (for the Olympics): 218 (2%)

席麦卡 09月18日 14:24 投票给“生个奥运宝宝”、“看奥运开幕式”、“看奥运闭幕式”、“为地震捐款”、“看陈冠希的艳照”、“看其他人演唱会”、“上开心网”


At Sep 19, 2008, 8:52:00 AM, Blogger Stephanie in Shanghai said:

Ahh. Not too far away at all.

Well, I've never been to another school in China and this is my first time teaching in a classroom at all, so everything is rather new to me.

So far I like it for the most part. Some of my students can be rather stubborn and spoiled, but for the most part they seem like good kids.

The school itself is rather varied. I teach in the IB high school, the smallest section of the school.

How long have you been teaching/living here?


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