Friday, November 15, 2002


I took the camera to tutoring tonight at the high school but I didn't get any photos because I forgot it was there, and the turnout was also less than stellar. I managed to get myself motivated and finish (well, 90% done) my grad school Statement of Purpose. It came out to about 1400 words, and needs to be in between 250 and 500. Haha. I didn't imagine I'd overshoot. But I like paring stuff down, it's the initial writing that is painful.

I posted a message on the Borders investor message board on Yahoo tonight. I managed to argue that since Jacob Nielsen doesn't want users designing user interfaces, neither should the Borders corporate people rely on customer focus groups to design the store layouts and shelving categories. It should be up to the booksellers, because we know what's good for the customers better than they do. After all, we spend more time observing customers than they do themselves.

Julie started her Christmas list already. Is that allowed? I'm feeling very anti-consumer this Christmas, I'm not sure I want much. All I can think of is a digital camera, but a nice one. And that's too expensive for any one person to get me. Also, I should be saving my own money for grad school. Hmm, maybe I'll ask Santa to get me into grad school. That's really all I want for Christmas.


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