Monday, November 18, 2002


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Today I finished the first version of my grad essay. Hooray! That means I will send off the packets of forms to my recommendors tomorrow morning. If you would like to read/comment/edit it, send me an e-mail ( Actually, I made up two versions because different schools asked for essays of different lengths. The longer essay uses more color expressions and flowing language, while the shorter version tries to pack more information into less space.

That's pretty much what I did today. In the evening, I watched the fifth episode of Home & Away, which I taped this afternoon. For my comments, see my comment on the KIKU TV message boards.

Today Julie wrote an entry about chapters in Karen Tei Yamashita's book circle k cycles being in Portuguese and Japanese. I remember reading a couple books by KT Yamashita. They didn't make a very strong impression on me, obviously, because I can't remember much about them. I was cooled out to learn that Sigur Ros sings in a made-up language. It's a way of removing the meaning of a song's lyrics without upsetting the balance between the voice and instruments. Minimalist, in a way.


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