Saturday, February 22, 2003


I was listening to the BBC on the way home from work tonight, and tuned in halfway through a report about skiing in the mountain resort of Chr�a. Listening to the accents of the interviewees, I tried to figure out where Chr�a is located. The language sounded mostly like French, with a little Arabic bruskness thrown in. The commentator made mention of a conflict beginning in the early eighties. Arabian-style music played in the background. I was guessing that it was probably a French colony, but the only likely candidates seemed to be Algeria or Tunisia, somewhere on the northern coast of Africa. And you can't ski in Africa, or can you?

Sure enough, it turns out that the mountain resort of Chr�a is only 70 miles from the the capital, Algiers. And after a little Googling, I was even able to find pictures of Chr�a during snow season. Who would have thought, skiing in Africa?


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