Saturday, March 22, 2003


Maybe if I write down the dumb things I do, I'll be reminded not to repeat them.

On Thursday night I sat down at the computer to send a couple of e-mails before hopping in bed with a book. An e-mail turned into a visit to, which reminded me about a program I wanted do download, which turned into an all-night computer customization fest. The worst part of it is that I knew I had a sub job for the next day. So 6 AM rolls around, and I'm still at the computer typing away. I realize that I'm in deep trouble, but I manage to take a shower and make it to school on time. I woke up a bit by then, what with the sun stimulating me to churn out awake-chemicals.

The class I was assigned to was Earth Science, mostly freshman, well behaved and still disciplined to work in class. I make it through most of the day, then sixth period rolls around and my eyes start to droop. It's OK, you might think, since I was going home after that period. Well I've neglected to mention that I actually have a full 8 hour shift to work at Borders from 4 to 1 AM. I leave the school at 3 PM, take a ten minute catnap at home and head to La Habra.

Zombily, I work my shift and actually do a pretty good job. We actually finish tidying up the store by 12:30 and get to leave a little early. It has been a very long day, and I've eaten very little. And yet still, I have time to download a few mp3's and write this note.

Tomorrow morning, I plan to pay a visit to the OCLUG (Orange County Linux Users Group) monthly meeting at Cal State Fullerton to see if I can get some advice on a graphics card and hooking the computer up to a TV. Then I tutor for a couple hours, and another 4-1 AM shift at Borders.


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