Thursday, April 10, 2003


Both Charlie Chan's Revenge and the Angry Asian Man are excited about Better Luck Tomorrow, a film by Asian Americans, about Asian Americans, that is being released nationwide on April 11th. I'd like to go see it on Saturday evening, after I take the Foreign Service Exam.

If I was in an argumentative mood, I'd ask why we need another movie that tries so hard to break the model minority stereotype. Didn't Fast and the Furious do a good enough job? It reminds me of that one website I saw a while ago that made fun of goth kids and showed an Asian American guy with face painted white and red, and dressed in black, with a caption to the effect that today he was a goth, and tomorrow he would be an account executive for Arthur Andersen. But I'm not too convinced myself that I've got the motivation behind the movie correct, so I'll just say that I'm excited to see it too.


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