Friday, May 02, 2003


Going back to the topic of music, I'm about two thirds of the way through ripping my CDs, and I just came across another artist that really impressed me. He happens have a tenuous connection to Pizzicato Five. A couple, actually. First off, he's half Japanese. Second, he's on the Grand Royal record label, which was founded by the Beastie Boys. Other Grand Royal artists include the John Spencer Blues Explosion, and another band of artists from Japan, Cibbo Matto. Yes, I'm talking about Sean Lennon. Ignore the review on Amazon that calls Cibo Matto "Sean's other band." He had dated one of the CM girls for a long time, and collaborated on their CDs. Did I mention that I saw Sean Lennon play at the Troubador? A long time ago...

After tutoring tonight I went out to Del Taco with some of the kids. I chatted with Mrs Davis on Wednesday, and she brought up the fact that one of the students in her class had finally arranged to have vision therapy done to work on her bad vision, and how it was good that her doctor was a young medical student. The reason this was a good thing is that the student, while bright, is a little rebellious and needs somebody younger who can sympathize. Little kids need older authority figures, like my mom as a kindergarden teacher. Older kids need younger teachers to sympathize and speak from recent experience about life. I'm not saying that older teachers don't belong in high school; it's still important to have a balance of viewpoints. But it's good to get some younger teachers in there to talk about the issues of adolescense with a fresh memory. Don't get me started on the other qualifications for teaching, though; that's where BOHS is failing big time...

Madame Li, the principal of CRIS Elemenary School in Tianjin, also boasted of the fact that her elementary school had a high number of male teachers. More in the upper grades of course. But still, it's important to expose kids to different kinds of authority figures. Hooray for diversity!


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