Friday, April 25, 2003

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I've spent most of today reading and coding from my new book on the C programming language. I've also been ripping most of my CDs to mp3 in the background. I realized I was only ripping my new CDs, the ones I purchased in China, so I rummaged through my drawers and found the carrying cases for my old, RIAA-legit discs.

I have to say, I forgot some of the amazing musical discoveries I made over the past decade or so. For example, Pizzicato Five's Sister Freedom Tapes has got to be one of the most imaginative, creative and plain suave EPs I've ever listened to. Still one of my absolute favorites after all these years.

Speaking of old music, I knew that Korean heart-throb superstars H.O.T. stand for "High Five of Teenagers", but I did not know that gayo group UP stood for "Ultra People". You learn something new every day.

Further recommendation, although I know my brother is completely 180 degrees in disagreement with this: anything by Everything But The Girl before they reached their techno stage. Albums like Amplified Heart and Eden are sweet music for those calm-down times.


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