Sunday, June 15, 2003


GeoURL is fun because it gives me blogs to read that live near me in Southern California, like Gomi no Sensei. This week the sensei wrote about Rodney Bingenheimer, the KROQ dj known by the moniker Rodney on the Roq. A recent article in the LA Weekly profiles the rock-n-roll/punk veteral in a way that makes me reconsider the old rodney is boooring stance, which was really undeserved all along: wasn't it Rodney who played Japanese stuff like Pizzicato Five and Cornelius? I think it just took a little growing up before I could learn to appreciate him as a dj. The second half of the article paints him as the last bastion of undiscovered and innovative music on the corporate wreck that is KROQ today. It makes a lot of sense; Rodney is somebody I'd expect to find on KCRW, really. Anyhow, read the article. Good stuff.


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