Thursday, June 12, 2003

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I'm uploading an mp3 to my freeshell site for a limited time:

Utada Hikaru - Hikari (planitb remix).mp3

Good song. (link disabled because it's no longer there; however, more mp3s can be found in the media folder.)

I thought I'd do something productive tonight, so I started going over the MySQL documentation, which has a real nice tutorial on MySQL, which can be a little confusing. MySQL (that's S-Q-L, not "sequel", grrr) is an open-source database program for storing large and small amounts of data.

Today at Laurel Elementary tutoring Mrs Lastra organized a end-of-the-year, Mr-Sittig-going-away party. Very nice, we had pizza and drinks, and she russled up a volleyball net because she knew that I enjoy playing. Isn't she marvelous? We had almost twenty people outside to play a few games, very fun! Even more amazing was the fact that some of the girls skipped volleyball to work on homework! Actually, not that weird. The Laurel group is pretty serious about school. Very refreshing to work with kids like that.


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