Saturday, September 27, 2003


Access lasted longer than I expected, until 10 PM. Access is like another Sunday service, but geared more towards established Christians. Today's lesson was on relationships with "pre-Christians", Harvest-speak for unbelievers. The cool thing was that Pastor Seth did something I've always wished pastors would do: take questions at the end of the sermon. He fielded some good ones, like how we should relate to Catholic friends (discuss religion vs relationship), people who pepper you with deep theological questions (usually a smoke-screen for personal issues), and whether to go to wild parties with pre-Christian friends (use wisdom).

Afterwards, the grad students caravanned over to Yung's house for movie--Shaolin Soccer--and pizza night, and to design our banner for the upcoming H-Games (like the Olympics, but for Harvest Mission church). Ben and Andrew gave me a ride back -- both are engineers, Andrew is half-Korean so he has travelled around Asia a bit, and Ben speak Cantonese so he got all of the jokes in Shaolin Soccer, even the ones slaughtered in translation. Got back home at 2 AM. Time to watch another episode of Meteor Garden and then sleep.


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