Saturday, September 27, 2003


Chinese this morning "transcurred" (that should be a word, cf Spanish) without incident. Popped in to discuss a topic for my PS 339 paper with the GSI (education reform in modern China). Brown bag lunch with Lieberthal saw discussion of the Cultural Revolution, and North Korea talk. Biked to the organic grocers to pick up some avocados, and then we couldn't find our language exchange friends to eat the avocados with. I'm in the computer lab printing out articles, which I will spend the next couple hours reading before Access church group at seven.

Virtualave, a web page hosting service, just migrated servers and the new service doesn't allow index-less web directories. So here is a redesign. It's supposed to be retro. I know of only two other places on the net with photos from the Princeton in Beijing 2000 program, and one of them I've lost track of. For Google's sake, two links: Princeton in Beijing 2000 by Yuh Wen Ling and Princeton in Beijing 2000 by Micah Sittig.

Hi, how is your research going?


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