Friday, September 12, 2003


It was foggy but turned into a beautiful day. Chinese class in the morning. For lunch I picked up a Polish sausage dog, coke and bag of chips. There are three different hot dog stands on campus, serving beef hot dogs (US$ 1), polish/italian/jumbo sausages (US$ 2+), cokes and chips. The condiment bar has ketchup, several mustards, pickles, pickle relish, onions, jalapeño peppers... I sat on the sunny grass and read Wild Swans. Ran around on my bike picking up health-care papers, buying a 3-hole punch and white envelopes at Ulrich's, and finally descending into the Grad library stacks for some quiet reading. PS 339/691 section -- I'm impressed by how analytical liberal arts students can be, it makes me aware of the advantages of an American-style education. The fun thing is that next week in section there will be a map quiz where we have to label every one of the twenty something provinces in China on a blank map. That's right up my alley, and a skill that will come in handy. Evening class with Lieberthal was very cool, as it was last week. I try to be intimidated of him because he knows so much about China -- and Russia too -- but he is disarmingly friendly and enthusiastic. Several times each class I try to imagine him and Bill Clinton, standing in a White House hall, discussing a pressing Asia issue.


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