Monday, September 29, 2003


A little review of my weekend: Saturday morning I got a lot of stuff done around the house, including cleaning my room and the bathroom. I made a trip to Krogers, and then fixed a bunch of pre-packed lunches to take to school this week. Saturday afternoon I spent reading articles for CCS 501. Watched a couple episodes of Meteor Garden, and went to bed early. This morning I went to a new-members meeting for Harvest Mission church led by Pastor Seth himself, where he got real excited communicating his vision for the ministry here on campus, in the Ann Arbor business community, and around the world. In the afternoon, I made myself a ham-tomato-lettuce-avocado sanwich for lunch, rode to campus and spent 4 hours reading a book on reserve, and now I'm back to review Chinese and PoliSci before hitting the hay. And possibly watch another drama episode.

I've noticed a trend to my reading. I tend to pick up a looooong book, start reading, get through about 20 pages or so, then get real tired. I take a little cat-nap, ten minutes or so, and then I'm able to read with good concentration for three or four hours. Is that strange?


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