Tuesday, October 14, 2003

  • The Far-East Movement
  • Kangel the Femcee
  • The Jupitersciples
  • Technish
  • If only these crews could rule the world: Korean/Korean-American beatboxing, lyricism, break-dancing, graffiti and turntablism.

    President George W. Bush would be the leader of the b-boys crew; Prime Minister Tony Blair would head Infinite Flow; President Vladimir Putin, Gambler; President Hu Jintao, Obowang. President Jacques Chirac would be at the helm of Rivers. Oh yeah, we need music, like a mighty chorus from the lovers of peace. This calls for the United Nations' secretary-general, Kofi Anan, as a sharp needle, DJ Needle, that is. Battle lines drawn . . . let's rock.


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