Sunday, November 09, 2003


Techie post: Would it be possible to input Blogger entries in XML, and then include an XSLT link in the template, to convert it to HTML? A List Apart and Mozilla make it look possible, but I'd have to be able to serve the files with the xml extension, and serve them with MIME-type text/xml. Blogger doesn't give up control over either of those.

A nerdy new sweatshirt is on its way to my mailbox. Thanks for the birthday present, Grandpa Stu and Grandma Honey!

More techie stuff—a random sort in perl:

Paul suggested this program. It randomly shuffles an array until it gets it in the right order. It's pretty good for up to six elements; seven starts to be noticeably slow; eight starts to be really slow (tens of seconds); and I haven't tried nine yet.


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