Saturday, December 06, 2003


This is going to be one of those old-school, what did I do today posts.

Biked to school in the nick of time for the Chinese listening test, only to find out that I was at the wrong place. Showed up late to class but no problems, completed the assignment the second time through the tape. After class, chatted with prof Lin about writing tests and students "blowing their top" when the multiple choice answers don't exactly match up with the dialog on the tape. Rushed off to Cafe Ambrosia, and studied Chinese politics for an hour or so with Mark and Steve. After a quick trip to Kinkos for note trading, we all went out to lunch at Sushi.come—weird name, I know—which has surprisingly cheap sushi: four dollars for a salad, miso soup, and six pieces of spicy tuna sushi.

Walked over to the School of Social Work Building and checked e-mail in the library downstairs. At 2:30, I picked up a packet of reading from the CCS office and then met Helena and our language exchange partners for 40 minutes of English, and 40 minutes of Chinese. I headed over to the Fishbowl (big computer lab) and checked e-mail, printed out CCS seminar reading, caught up on the usual weblogs, and composed/translated the entry below on Chinese Revolutionary cellphone messages.

Access bible study tonight was the final installment of the guy-girl relationships series, whose notes I will be typing up shortly. Afterwards, a bunch of us grad students who had not eaten dinner got together and rode a caravan down to the Great Lakes Chinese restaurant for a big feast, including "fried squid with spicy salt" and seafood bits plus thousand-year-old egg in an egg pudding, which was better than it sounds.

Josh gave me and my bike a ride home, and I've been catching up on the news, chatting at SDF, and writing up this entry. Now, off to bed.


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