Saturday, December 20, 2003


Yesteday we didn't do much: lazed around at home getting in touch with friends through e-mail, went shopping for clothes at Mervyn's (ahh, to have a car and insurance), and snacked on Christmas cookies. This morning was Mary Ann's graveside gathering, and later this afternoon will be a funeral. Like was said, it's nice to have a funeral at Christmastime because it puts the proper perspective on a "death", that of two worlds and the joy of passing from one to the other.

The weather here is marvelous; nothing like Michigan!

One of my Southern California rituals is to scan the Los Angeles Times entertainment section on Thursdays, the Calendar Weekend, to check for cool concerts happening in LA. This weekend I confirmed that while there is nothing particularly can't-miss, there are several intriguing events:

Counting Crows and Wallflowers at the Wiltern (does Adam Duritz still have that special something?)
I Am Spoonbender at the Echo (futuristic sounding avant-garde group)
W.A.C.O. vs the Negro Problem at the Spaceland (the Negro Problem is a local band with a strong following, and this is the Wild Acoustic Chamber Orchestra doing covers of their songs)
Kinky at the House of Blues in Anaheim (one of the top new bands from Monterrey, Mexico... an unusual sound that runs hot and cold, a blend of cumbia and electronica, timbales and turntables, rock and salsa.)
Los Abandoned, Carmelize, and Fight Dirty at the Spaceland (Los Abandoned is a cool local Latin rock group, lead by Chilean singer)
Son Mayor at the Conga Room (rockin' salsa—makes me wish I could dance!)
Winter Formal Night at Chain Reaction (dress up in your punk rockinest best, with a touch of class; mainly for the 21 and under crowd)

As you can see, Latin flavor is alive, well and thriving in the SoCal atmosphere.


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