Monday, March 08, 2004


Exciting news: Today I walked down to the organic market at Stadium and Liberty and found a newly opened Asian supermarket, 行运超市. And when I say newly opened, I mean newly. The front half of the store was completely empty, just carpet and pieces of cardboard. When I reached the back of the store, I found four men unpacking boxes of noodles, oils, crackers onto half-empty shelves. After a tentative hello they waved me in and handed me a basket. For its half-finished state, the store still offered some good pickings: freezers full of mantou/馒头, shuijiao/水饺, and all sorts of fish, spinach ramen, shrimp crackers, fresh Chinese vegetables like 油菜,i青菜,番茄... I picked up a bag of dumplings and a box of almond gelatin mix. I'm looking forward to dropping by more often in the next few weeks.

Oh, and youtiao, they had youtiao in the fridge!


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