Monday, March 29, 2004


I'm back on track, had a very productive day today. This morning I stuck around after church, snacked on cucumbers and potato in peanut sauce, chatted with Josh and John, lunched with a few Impact guys and watched a presentation by the summer mission teams, going to Peru and southeast Asia this year. I'm so jealous of them, they talked about the strict regime of physical and spiritual discipline they're putting themselves through to prepare for the trip. It seems like a grueling schedule; after all, they're still full-time students too. But it's something I'd like to have, such strict discipline; I would feel so much better about myself as a person.

Anyhow, after that I dinked around in the computer lab for a while and e-mailed back Katie Beth, got my act together and read in the law library for a while. It's a beautiful place to study, like a cathedral. Back in the computer lab, I submitted my questions for history discussion tomorrow, and biked home. Now, I'm back from a trip to the grocery store with ingredients for orange almond cookies, should be done in an hour or so, and off to bed.


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