Friday, April 09, 2004


Xingmei made me learn the Three Represents today during our conversation time. That's about the only way to get met to speak Chinese, is to talk politics. Let's see how well I remember...

...represents the advancement of productive forces in China.

...represents the forward development of culture.

...represents basic benefits for the widest possible range of people.

Now I'm ready to 立党为公、执政为民 (build the Party for the public, and govern for the people)!

In more general news, I'm keeping pretty busy with classwork, reading, meetings, etc. I've been neglecting church a bit, as a result of being so busy catching up on work as dealines loom on the horizon. It doesn't help that this weekend is the "Rethinking the 19th Century" workshop; a gaggle of those names that we've been seeing on our syllabi all year are coming to Ann Arbor to talk about China's 19th century and how it should fit into the larger historiography.


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