Thursday, August 19, 2004


Yesterday I ate better, two meals instead of one. I walked to a cinema in Yaumatei (油麻地) and caught a late showing of Formula 17. It would have been nice to discuss it with somebody.

While I was waiting for the movie to start, I sat outside the theatre munching on a McDonalds apple pie and sipping a Kang Shifu 酸梅汤. A young man carrying a stack of papers started to walk back and forth in front of where I was sitting, each time a little closer and eventually making eye contact. I smiled at him, so he approached and said he was doing consumer attitude surveys, and asked if I spoke Cantonese. I told him I couldn't, so he said thanks and walked away. He asked a few more people around me, and they assented. I wonder if he was thinking "golly, the boss would be impressed if I one of my sample points was a Cantonese-speaking gwailo."

I found a concert to attend this Friday.


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