Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Today I was so busy at work that I bought lunch at 喜年来 (港式叉烧饭), then had to abandon it because I had to rush off to a Halloween function. When I finally got home at 7:30 or so, I realized that all day I had only consumed a glass of yogurt while preparing that morning, and a bread bun after class at 11:45. So after making a little "Happy Halloween" sign to put up on my front door, I grabbed my book (Kafka on the Shore) and trucked it down to the Wuning Road, where I knew there was a KFC. On the way, I discovered a 24-hour Be For Time Tea House, which offers all-you-can-drink milk-tea and other drinks for RMB 18 (about two bucks). I ended up eating a Big Mac combo at McDonalds. Somehow, I feel less guilty about eating it here, because it's considered to be somewhat "upscale". On the Muzak system, they actually had a nice selection going; among the tracks played were:

  • a disco remix of the "Fame" theme song.
  • a remix of Madonna's "Like a Prayer"
  • Jamiroquai's "You Give Me Something"

I almost jumped out of my chair when the "Fame" track started. It's been a while.

I want to write something parallel to Cindy's post about people nagging her to find a Taiwanese boyfriend; my little corner of Shanghai has some similar things going on. It's become more bearable since I found somebody to talk 类似 stuff over with. Some other time.


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