Saturday, January 29, 2005


Tuesday and Wednesday Jodi and I took a little trip to 马鞍山 (Ma'anshan) with a couple of friends. It was really just for the heck of it, all we really did was eat snack, play games, window shop, and go out for barbeque dinner.

Speaking of vacation, in less than three hours I'll be hopping on a train to Hunan. Yesterday Jodi and I went out and spent RMB 50 on snacks: water, fruit, sunflower seeds... Armed with that, a little bit of money for the so-so boxed train lunches, a portable DVD player, a deck of UNO cards, and two good attitudes, we should be able to weather the 17-hour, overnight hard seat (!!!) trip.

I may not have computer access in Hunan, so maybe don't expect posts for a while. See ya!


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