Saturday, June 11, 2005


The Kid Koala concert was awesome (Jodi, Chris, Michael, John (Jean?) Paul; the French guy I hung out with while I was staying at the Pujiang). And I didn't even have problems getting up the next day; thanks internal alarm clock! But here's what I'm missing for the next two days because I'm going out of town on business:

8th Shanghai International Film Festival
2:00p 冷酷仙境, 麒缨, 死罪 @ 浦东新区文化艺术指导中心
2:30p 木马 @ the Ark
8:00p Gigantic BBQ Party @ the Trombly's
10:00p shanghai Elektor-disco 2 party @ DDM warehouse

8th Shanghai International Film Festival
8:00p 木马, 惊弓之鸟, 兰亭, 14行诗 @ Harley's
9:15p The Herb @ the Ark

Durn work.


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