Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Post in which I make no new contribution to the web, except for a couple links.

Via the Gwailo's links, Lifecycle of Bloggers:

You purge or hide archive entries and take more note to remove full names of your friends/crushes/accidentaldrunkenfondels from your site and links list. Your blog goes back to cheese sandwhiches. But this time your site validates.

I've been pretty good about staying level-headed, blogwise. I've only done numbers 1, 2, 9 (Ann Arbor, Shanghai; not SF), almost 10, and Chris has suggested the anonymous LJ and I considered it, but have been too lazy.

I cracked up at the (permalink-less) Angry Asian Man's quip on Michelle Yeoh today:

Apparently, Michelle Yeoh is a "hot property" in Hollywood right now: They Want Yeoh. Dude, whatever. She should've been a "hot property" like eight years ago.

So true.


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