Saturday, September 10, 2005


It's back on! It looks like we will have an honest-to-goodness weblogger meetup again next Thursday. Thanks to chinasnippets getting the ball rolling on the Yahoo Group mailing list, and the blessing of Father Fons, we now have several people confirmed, several people confirmed absent but interested, and a set time and location (老时间,老地方). Details on the calendar.

We're a motley crue.

Some background/historical info: the Shanghai Webloggers Meetup group was started by Fons sometime last year, and succesfully met once a month over the proceeding eight or nine months. Out of the group came an online collaboration/discussion with a journalism prof from a Hong Kong unversity, a visit by a new media specialist from the US, the beginnings of an iPod-centric online Shanghai radio station, hours of discussion on journalistic ethics and weblogging technology, lots of yummy pizza (big ups to our hosts the Tromblys), and several new friendships and acquaintance-ships. Over the summer, due to the departure of Fons from Shanghai and the general scattering of people over the vacation period, the group has not met.


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