Thursday, September 08, 2005


So I had a little server trouble. The company I was using got bought out, and the new company decided to switch us to their own servers. They sent out an e-mail telling us where to switch to, with a deadline of about three weeks. Of course, I ignored it and when I was finally forced to switch three weeks later I found that the new server contained simply a copy of my old server as it was at the the time the e-mail was sent out! So I lost like, three weeks of data. I'm hopping mad, and all tech support can do is give me one month credit.

That gives me one month to look for a new host, which I will do because 1) they didn't bother to guarantee that it wouldn't happen again, and 2) since I signed up for this server, the market has gotten more competitive and better deals can be found.

Thankfully, I was able to restore some of the more important data thanks to Flickr and the Yahoo Search cache. Still, super-annoying.

I need to figure out how to say "Virtual Private Server" in Chinese... (oh, it's 虚拟专属主机; that wasn't hard)


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