Saturday, December 24, 2005


Personal news:

  • Jodi passed her psychology test, so she's one step closer to getting an elementary-school teaching certificate.
  • I went for a pre-interview at an international school and it went swimmingly. If all goes well at the official interview next week, I'll be teaching math and making a decent wage.
  • Our house got broken into a couple nights ago. We lost Jodi's cellphone, my digital camera, and a shoulder-bag with my college diploma in it.
  • The house is decorated, the Christmas story book prepared, and the oven out. We're ready for Christmas.
  • Mom and Annie come to visit in 5 days.

I'm going to the Top-Floor Circus show tonight. Is anybody else?

Also, I finally saw Bend It Like Beckham last night after avoiding it for years. I have to admit it was pretty good, even if was a little exoticizing.


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