Sunday, February 26, 2006


A while ago I stopped doing the monthly cellphone photo round-ups because my schedule got chaotic, but now that I have a job I may be more regular. I'm still uploading photos regularly to my Flickr account, so you can always get the full story there. For now, here's a few random photos from the past few weeks:

Batman and Batwoman (she did it first).

We shop at fashion-capital Shanghai's temple of avant-gardge fashion: Ikea.

Me and Jodi on the roof of the Peace Hotel, checking out the view. We like sneaking onto the tops of buildings along the Bund.

We like taking Poopy out of his cage and letting him run around the house, jumping on stuff and hiding beneath other things.

I take the metro every day to and from work, and hour each way, so I see plenty of rush-hour crowds.

This is my new office, where I have a desk and my own computer, and get to chat with the other math teachers... in English! Wow!

On Wednesday night we had out monthly Shanghai Weblogger meetup, with lots of the usuals and a few new face present.


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