Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Headlines from today's Metro Express, Shanghai's free commuter paper:

Chairman Hu Jintao sets out to visit five countries, including 美利坚合众国 (the USA). Did you hear about the dinner at Bill Gates' house?

LV seeks RMB 500,000 in compensation from Shanghai Carrefour over suspected sale fake LV bags.

USA's Pulitzer Prizes announced. The "article" is simply a caption for a photo that won the Feature Photography prize, one of Todd Heisler's photographs of caskets of American soldiers returning from Iraq.

Shanghai travel agents are giving the cold shoulder to Chongqing's Furong River naked bathing tourist spot in making their Golden Week travel plans.

Starting tomorrow, babies and children that qualify for discounted airline tickets will also be excused from paying the new gas price tax. Disabled veterans and police disabled in the line of duty will also enjoy a discounted tax rate.

New "twin towers" over 250 meters tall will accompany the Oriental Pearl Tower. The Shanghai subsidiary of Hong Kong's Sun Hung Kai Properties plans to build a double set of office buildings in central Lujiazui that, at 250 and 260 meters, will look up to the Pearl Tower's top 340 meter observatory and the Jinmao's 420 meters.

"Google, we'd rather call you 'Gougou'": some people on Chinese BBSs are still dissatisfied with Google's new Chinese name.

A non-Shangainese fellow (it's always the outsiders, eh?) jumped onto the Line 3 light rail track at Zhongshan Park station, at 2pm on Monday. The police were called in, and after being caught the guy explained himself by saying he was in a bad mood. He will be in jail for 10 days.

I had this great Shanghainese dinner tonight at a hole-in-the-wall on Wuyi Road. I can still taste the sweetness.


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