Monday, May 22, 2006


Jodi and I found this restaurant called 捞来捞起 on Dingxi Rd just south of Yan'an Xi Rd (just a stroll north of C's Bar) that makes very authentic Chansha mifen noodles in various spicy and not-so-spicy flavors. This marks the culmination of our long search for authentic Hunanese 米粉, from the ghetto place near Hongkou (decent flavor, but with round noodles instead of the requisite flat), to the cheap 湘菜 Hunanese place next to the Grand Gateway in Xujiahui (flat noodles, but just average broth and ingredients), to our final destination, 捞来捞起. The great things about it are that the flavor from the broth really seeps into the noodles, that all the broths are distinctly flavored (as opposed to, say, Ajisen's one-flavor-fits-all broth), that the side dishes are to die for ('specially the 卤味豆腐干 and the 阿婆绿豆汁), and best of all that it's a 15 minute walk from our place.


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