Tuesday, May 16, 2006


The one thing that I really miss from Outlook after switching to Google Calendar is the task list: make a new task, check off old tasks, and checked-off tasks are removed from the list at restart. A while ago I had tried a site called Remember The Milk (or something like that) a while ago, as well as Ta-da List, but none of them had any feature that made up for their annoying attempts at cuteness, or Ajax quirks.

Hope!Today I think I found an online app that suits my needs: Voo2do. It minimizes the Ajax, doesn't push a cutesy interface on me, and has a killer feature that is helping me to take better advantage of my time: a column entitled "orig est" where you can enter an estimate of the time a task will take you to complete. Being given a hard estimate for how long a task will take helps me to stick short projects into small bits of free time, and save longer projects for when I have time to work them straight through.

My only current wishes for it are better project management, perhaps through tagging, and integration with Gmail.


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