Saturday, July 01, 2006


Last night I dreamed that Asa and I were trekking through some part of Shanghai I didn't recognize, and we ran across some massive cathedral. I looked inside and noticed that it wasn't layed out in the shape of the cross but didn't go inside because I don't like to go into people's private spaces, especially churches. Then Asa told me he needed to use a restroom so we looked around and saw several signs saying "McDonalds this way" but not actual stores. So we hiked into some gated community at Asa's suggestion, which was like a forest with mini-villas perched on the hilly terrain, walked down some stairs to a playground where boys were playing soccer. While Asa used the restroom I fiddled with a confusing drinking fountain that had several heads, none of which seemed to be for drinking. The End.


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