Sunday, July 02, 2006


This morning Jodi and I went shopping. We bought my pants, a shirt, browsed Chinese clothes for a while, had an ice cream float at McDonalds, bought her shoes and then went to Ikea for dinner. After roast chicken breast, meatballs and a slice of Scandinavian cake, we bought a frame for the 迎宾牌 ("guest welcome poster"?) and a straw decorative ball for Poopy. Back at Zhongshan Park, we dropped by the new Lucky Greens miniature golf course on the 6th floor of 龙之梦 and discovered that they're free through July 31st with a coupon that they happily supplied to us on arrival. After a merry 18 holes, we headed home and spent all night cleaning the house and watching a very boring England vs Portugal. I'm writing this entry while I debate with myself about whether to stay up and watch the Brasil vs France match at 3am, given that Jodi's parents pull into 上海南站 early tomorrow afternoon.


At Jul 2, 2006, 5:14:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said:

Oh man! I think caring about soccer is one of the signposts that you've been outside the US too long.

At Jul 5, 2006, 4:18:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said:

Haha.. hope you didn't waste your time watching Brazil hand in the towel as last bastion of hope for the non-Euro world.


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