Saturday, September 02, 2006


It's a lazy Saturday afternoon. Jodi is out in Pudong for the morning doing a tutoring job, and I'm at home trying to fix the TV card in her computer, and doing some translation work for the upcoming blogger conference.

This year it's official that I'm doing translation work for them. For example:

  1. MediaGuideen/MediaGuide
  2. RegisterByEmailen/RegisterByEmail

If you haven't signed up yet, go register now. Remember that it's two days, and will take place in Hangzhou. Maybe I'll write it up for Shanghaiist. I think it's a good chance to take the missus because the weather shouldn't be too bad.

One of my AP Stats kids reminded me that DJ Qbert is playing at BonBon tonight. Maybe we'll check that out... if I can get this TV card working.

† Which reminds me, somebody do a post on popping the collars of polo shirts (and maybe toss in Dan's black-socks-with-white-shoes). It's probably just me, but after I read Marxy's post I've been seeing them all over.


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