Wednesday, October 17, 2007


From one of my favorite under-appreciated writers:

Radiohead’s music is shot through with a sense of irreparable loss, of things that might have been had we gotten there earlier, the way things we might have been if we had the courage to do something when it needed to be done. This is not in the lyrics–it’s in the music as a whole.

Thom Yorke’s caterwaul is The Howl made aural; a Western, male, first-world, plangent, half-hearted protest against a life and status quo that one is powerless to change. There’s no macho call for revolutionary violence to overthrow the status quo–Radiohead is, for the most part, apolitical. But anything that emotionally charged is really, if you extend it far enough, a critique.

I'm finishing off the last of my black and purple M&Ms.


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