Sunday, April 13, 2008


Of course you have to take these lyrics with a grain of salt, but there are some valuable guiding principles in the Dead Kennedys' "Well-Paid Scientist":

You're a well paid scientist
You only talk in facts
You know you're always right
'cause you know how to prove it
Step by step

A phd to show you're smart
With textbook formulas
But you're used up
Just like a factory hand

Something is wrong here
You won't find in on a shelf
You're well paid
You're well trained
You're tied to a rack

Company cocktails, gotta go
Say the right thing
Don't fidget, jockey for position
Be polite
In the pyramid you hate
Sip that scotch
Get that raise
This ain't no party at all


Cringe and tense up
Grind your teeth
And wipe your sweaty palms
Close your windows driving past
The low-life company bar
They're making fun of you

Even you
You've gotta punch the clock
Too scared to punch your boss
When will you crack
When will you crack
When will you crack
When will you open your eyes

Pull up to your sterile home
You're drained
Bite the heads off of your kids
Chew them well, they taste like you
Just slam the door

Assigned here 'cause your company owns the land
All your colleagues live there too
Private guards in golf carts
Keep you safe at home?


When will you crack
When will you crack
When will you crack
When will you crack

The dark shattered underbelly
Of the american dream
Avoid it like the plague
It stares you from your bathroom mirror

It's meant to be provocative in a positive way so if it offends you, you might want to do some self-examination to make sure you not in the negative.


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