Sunday, June 22, 2008


I can't remember where I sourced this (probably a Twitter post), but I have a Firefox tab open to a weblog post that shows the interesting times China is going through. It lists and discusses "Ten Things That Will Disappear From Our Lives In The Future". I'll just translate the list here, so you'll have to read the original to get the full details:

  1. 户口 (family registration books)
  2. 暂住证 (domestic temporary residence permits)
  3. 住酒店用身份证 (showing national ID to book a hotel room)
  4. 发票 (official government receipts, aka fapiao)
  5. 港澳通行证 (HK/Macau travel permits)
  6. 外汇管制 (foreign currency exchange controls)
  7. 进口分账片配额制度/合拍片 (foreign film import limits)
  8. ICP牌照 (Internet Content Provider permits)
  9. 百货商店开票 (department store 3-receipt system)

Notice that most of these things are related to government paperwork. What would a similar list look like for the US? I imagine that things made obsolete in the US would be more driven by commercial interests, and if we knew them ahead of time we'd not be writing weblog posts but making a ton of money!


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