Sunday, August 31, 2008


I went out watch-shopping again today, and made these notes.

  • My favorite shop for old clocks and watches is southwest of the Yu Gardens/Chenghuangmiao area, at 425 Fangbang Middle Road (方浜中路425号). The owner can also fix broken timepieces.
  • The bus station for getting to Yu Gardens from Nanjing East Road subway stop moved farther south than it was before. But coming back, it drops you off just after the Henan Middle Road, Nanjing East Road intersection.
  • You can order McDonalds and eat it at Burger King, and they don't care. (Super Brand Mall)
  • First-floor of Babaiban/NextAge shopping center: luxury watch shop 亨达利. Sixth-floor of Babaiban/NextAge shopping center: luxury watch shop 亨得利. One awesome point for you if you recognize which one is the original and which the copy.
  • The price of the eeePC 701 is dropping like mad.

We ended up buying the watch at Babaiban. I'm not real happy with it, but it was time to let go and just decide on one. I mean, it's a big wad of cash for a chunk of metal that just tells you the time. "Tradition" is a... gyp.


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