Saturday, August 30, 2008


Today we went out on the town shopping for a nice watch. Notes:

  • The Zhongshan Park Best Buy is open.
  • Shops in the Zhongshan Park metro station are scheduled to re-open on Friday, September 5.
  • There is a shop called Mango Mango in the basement of Hongyi Plaza on Nanjing East Road (connects to the eponymous subway stop) that makes a cold mango dish with chocolate-filled rice dough balls, 云山汤圆 something or other, that is delicious.

We had no luck on the watch, as we underestimated the price by a lot. I really wanted to find one at the 亨得利 shop on Nanjing East Road, but the average price there was in the thousands of US dollars (五六万元). Yikes. Tomorrow I'm going back to Puxi to check at Xujiahui, but also going to pass through an antique clock/watch shop by the Yu Gardens. There's a factory in Shanghai that still churns out really retro looking alarm-clocks, and this shop sources from them. I may pick up something for myself there too.

EDIT: Just saw an ad on TV for the Int'l Pet Expo at the New Int'l Expo Center in Pudong, near Longyang Road, happening this coming Friday and Saturday. Jodi and I went to the pet expo last year when we lived nearby and it was quite fun.


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